Toomey Rentals is a small family owned business that we (Matt and Angie Toomey) started out of college.  We are both alumni of the University of Minnesota & loved the area, neighbors & location so much that we decided to stick around! 

Matt is a licensed General Contractor, and has been renovating homes since 1999.  Angie is a licensed Real Estate Broker and has been working in Real Estate Sales & Property Management since 2003.  Our businesses started with House Flipping and keeping a few along the way as college rentals.  In order to prevent a vacancy, we decided to offer the very first vacation rental in Minneapolis and it has been a successful growing part of our business ever since. 

It takes much more than the two of us to operate such a smooth running business and we have our great partners, subcontractors, families and friends to thank for that!

If you need to reach us at anytime, please don't hesitate to call, text or email:

Angie Toomey: 612-590-5399

Matt Toomey: 612-327-1558