Availability Update 3/11/17


Available  June 1, 2017

The current tenants at 1084 22nd Ave SE are in search of a new female roommate starting June 1, 2017. This house has been recently renovated.  See pictures here

Contact Mary for details and to set up a tour:  612-618-9618 or


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Have a great spring/summer!
Toomey Rentals



To be notified of availability, please submit your information on our availability update list and you will be notified once properties become available. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Are tenants responsible for snow removal & lawn care?  
A:  No, management handles all snow removal and lawn care.


Q:  Does our deposit cover our 1st months rent?
A:  No, your security deposit is held on file for damages or unpaid rent until after you move out.  
     Our tenants have an excellent history of receiving their full deposits back.


Q: How much is the deposit?
A: The deposit is equal to one months rent and is due at the time you sign the lease.


Q: How many people can live in each house?
A: It varies from location to location but generally, our 3 bedrooms = 3 adults, 4 bedrooms = 4 adults, etc
     This rule can also vary based on individual situations & city zoning rules.

     Please inquire if you have a special situation.  Example: Family, etc


Q: What other expenses should I expect in addition to utilities?
A: Possible expenses:

  • All tenants are required to maintain renters insurance at their expense.  If a tenant is a dependent, they may be covered under their parents insurance policy.  If not, check with a local insurance provider for an estimate.